Double Cylinder Deadlatch
  • The unique LockAlert status indicator shows the lockset status at a glance
  • Safety Release automatically unlocks the internal knob upon entry
  • High security with cut resistant stainless steel bolt, 11 concealed anchorage points and door frame strengthener
  • Tested in accordance with AS4145.2 - 1993
  • Bolt hold-back function activated by external key or internal knob
  • Can be key locked in hold-back position by key from inside
  • Can be keyed alike to other Lockwood door locks
  • Available in trade and display pack versions

Key In Knob - Knobsets
  • Non-handed field reversible for left or right hand doors
  • 52mm cylindrical chassis
  • 54mm diameter round knob
  • 75mm Diameter rose
  • Fire rated
  • Box packed
  • Rebate Kit available in 13mm

Sliding Patio Door Lock
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  • Australian made with an imported cylinder
  • Surface Mounted
  • Meets Australian Lock Standard AS4145.2 - 1993
  • Standard 82mm fixing holes
  • Central turnbar hole for external cylinders
  • Integral anti-lift pins to resist attempts to lift the door out of its track.
  • Non-handed
  • Adjustable stainless steel locking beak, with 6mm of closing adjustment.
  • Self retracting beak avoids damage and accidental lockout.
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of outer pulls and strikes.
  • Available in Double Cylinder, External Single Cylinder, Internal Single Cylinder, Snib Only and Dummy variants.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Suits left or right hand opening doors
  • Suits inward or outward opening doors
  • Door thickness range, 35 mm to 50 mm
  • Key required to lock or unlock from either inside or outside
  • Free spinning cylinder collar
  • 25 mm locking bolt projection
  • 60 mm cylinder backset
  • Hardened insert in locking bolt
  • Made to Whitco specifications

355 Deadlock
  • Suitable for hinged and some sliding doors
  • Lockable turn knob with inbuilt clutching device to resist wrench attack
  • Strong interlocking case and mounting plate to resist jemmy and hammer attack
  • Tested in accordance with AS4145.2-1993
  • Concealed fixing
  • Positive deadlocking action
  • The mechanism and the design are protected by Australian and International Patents and Design Registrations
  • Available in trade and display pack versions
  • Opened by key from outside and by turn knob from inside when free. Internal key locks or unlocks turn knob

005 Deadbolt
  • Multi-mode slimline deadbolt providing safety, security and convenience
  • Simple to install
  • Advanced safety and features
  • High security cut resistant stainless steel bolt
  • Available in round and square designs
  • Box strike with concealed crossgrain doorframe strengthening screw
  • Meets highest security and durability requirements in AS4145.2 - 2008 Locksets
  • Adjustable 60mm - 70mm backset
  • Fits standard door preparation - 54mm diameter crossbore hole
  • Can be keyed alike to other Lockwood door locks

Security Screen Door Lock
  • 'DualSelect' offers safety and security for all occupants by giving a choice of selecting privacy-lock or deadlock when exiting the home. Turning the key to the first selection engages the privacy-lock, which offers security from the outside whilst allowing occupants inside to safely exit using the internal privacy snib. The second selection engages the deadlock, which provides security, but requires the key to unlock the door from inside and outside
  • Internal padlock symbol denotes door is in deadlock mode
  • Contemporary styled furniture withpre-assembled handles and snib
  • Patented anti-jemmy extra wide serrated locking bolt
  • High performance lock meets or exceeds relevant requirements of Australian Standard AS 4145.2-2008 to Level S7 and D8
  • Successfully tested on security screen doors in accordance with Australian Standard AS 5039-2003: Security Screen Doors and Security Window Grilles and AS 5041-2003: Methods of test
  • 3 point kits for premium security available
  • Snib locking of all 3 points
  • Patentable features for centre and auxiliary locks
  • Fits industry standard cut outs
  • Retrofits previous Whitco Tasman lock
  • Zinc diecast lock mechanism and furniture1
  • Easy installation
  • Suits either left or right hand opening hinged security and screen doors
  • Mortice lock with inside snib
  • Key overrides snib
  • Automatic latching
  • Accepts Whitco Euro profile lazy cam cylinder
  • Suit standard 20 mm door thickness
  • Stainless steel strikes

Sliding Security Screen Door Lock
  • Suits either Left or Right hand closing sliding doors
  • Parrot beak deadlock
  • Key deadlock from both sides
  • Self latching
  • Inside snib
  • Key overrides snib operation
  • Accepts Whitco Euro profile lazy cam cylinder locks
  • Can only be key locked or snibbed when fully latched with striker
  • Optional Multi Point kits available for 2 and 3 point applications
  • Zinc diecast furniture and locking mechanism
  • Steel zinc plated cover plate

5 Pin C4 Euro Cylinder
Pasted Graphic
  • 5 pin Australian standard C4 keyway cylinders
  • Stainless steel internal springs ensures durability and reliability
  • Cylinders are assembled and quality tested at every stage to exceed ISO 9001 approved standards, making them ideal choices for masterkeying

201 Type Cylinder
Pasted Graphic 4
  • 1-1/8" length
  • pin drilled 6
  • 16 keyways
  • Tailpiece converts between horizontal and vertical positions
  • Screw-on retaining cap design
  • Exact pinning specifications as original systems
  • Solid brass construction
  • Accepts original pins when pinning to original master key systems

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